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Welcome to anpere's photo galleries!

If you would like to contribute with a gallery of your own (consisting of at least two pictures), please e-mail us (without any pictures) at info(at)anpere(dot)net.

If you want to use some of our pictures, please contact us at the above mentioned address. All pictures are copyrighted and may not be used or spread without a written permission from anpere.

You will need a Flash Player to be able to view the pictures. If you do not have one already, you may download one for free here.

• Eid Prayers in Blora, Indonesia, 2002. By Ph.D. Andr้ M๖ller. Published 2006-10-26.

Ramadan Banners in Java 2003. By Jonas Hult้n. Published 2006-10-26.

Uprising Day, 10 March 1999, Dharamsala, India. By Ph.D. ลse Piltz. Published 2006-10-26.












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