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Welcome to anpere's collection of articles called perspectives! Here you will find articles about contemporary religious phenomena and the reactions towards them. Although many perspectives articles are not too firmly attached to the regular scholarly ideals, you will also find more scholarly ponderings here. The aim of this section is to provide insightful assessments of everyday events, written by specialists in their area.

Most recent articles are at the top.

All articles open as pdf-documents in new windows.

"Chaos in Sarawak's Rainforest". By Ph.D. Mikael Rothstein.

"Religion, Culture and Politics in the Philippines". By Ph.D. Paul-François Tremlett.

"The World as a Holy Place". By Ph.D. Dan Overmyer.

"Vad får den svenska prästutbildningen kosta?" (in Swedish) By Ph.D. Melcher Ekströmer.

"Coup d'etat: Störtandet av premiärminister Thaksin och dess eventuella konsekvenser" (in Swedish). By Ph.D. Pierre Wiktorin.

"Det lackar mot ramadan" (in Swedish). By Ph.D. André Möller.

"Prostitutionslagstiftningen i Tangerang." By Abd Moqsith Ghazali (in Swedish; translation from the Indonesian by André Möller).

"Nationalismens tveeggade svärd: Premiärminister Thaksins uppgång och eventuella fall" (in Swedish). By Pierre Wiktorin.



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