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About the Journal

The aim of anpere is to offer a flexible and relevant channel for researches as well as lay people interested in questions pertaining to the anthropology of religion. Common to all articles published here is their anthropological perspectives on religion. This means that the articles focus upon how religious individuals and groups relate to their religion and religious practice, and how outsiders understand this. Religious thoughts, practices and artefacts thus constitute the points of departure for the later contextualization, which appears in the analysis of the empirical material.

The material on anpere is divided into three main categories:

~ Articles
~ Perspectives
~ Reviews

In the perspectives section you will find articles about contemporary religious phenomena and the reactions towards them. Although many perspectives articles are not too firmly attached to the regular scholarly ideals, you will also find more scholarly ponderings here. The aim of this section is to provide insightful assessments of everyday events, written by specialists in their area. In the articles section, the reader will find lengthier and more traditional scholarly articles about any kind of religious life. All articles here adhere to the ideals of scholarship as commonly understood in the humanities and social sciences. The reviews deal with almost anything that in one way or another focus upon religious life and piety, be that books, web sites, movies, journals or art exhibitions.

anpere do not stick to the traditional way of publishing, as it will publish as soon as any text is ready to meet the public. This means that we may publish three articles a day or three articles per month, depending on the quality and quantity of the articles received.

In order to faciliate the life of our valued readers, we will gladly send you an e-mail each time a new article or review is added on the anpere site. Your e-mail address stays safe with us, and you may terminate your subscription at any time.

Of course, anpere is not affiliated with any political party or specific religion, and as such the journal has no normative religious value. Furthermore, anpere is not oficially connected to any university or college.

Please note that the opinions aired in the articles and reviews at anpere do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors.

All texts: © the writers and anpere.
anpere logotype: © André Möller och Pierre Wiktorin.

About the editors:
Pierre Wiktorin defended his Ph.D.-thesis De villkorligt frigivna: relationen mellan munkar och lekfolk i ett samtida Thailand (Released on Probation: The Relation Between Monks and Lay People in a Contemporary Thailand) at Lund University, Sweden, in 2005. His primary research are contemporary thai society and religion, dharmatourism and the Harry Potter literature.

André Möller defended his Ph.D.-thesis Ramadan in Java: The Joy and Jihad of Ritual Fasting at Lund University, Sweden, in 2005. His primary reserach interest is contemporary Islam in Indonesia, and apart from this he also pays special attention to the Indonesian language. See also his personal page.

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