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~ Articles:
Christinanity and Alternative Education in El Salvador: Challenging the State" By Jasmine Subasat.  
"Individual Drawings and Collective Representations: Perceptions of Death Among Kaiowá Youth."
By Mikael Rothstein.
A Shared Pre-Christian Past?" By Edward Dutton.
"Constructing a Distinct Other: Harry Potter and the Enchantment of the Future."
By Pierre Wiktorin.
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~ Perspectives: 
"Chaos in Sarawak's Rainforest". By Mikael Rothstein.
"Religion, Culture and Politics in the Philippines". By Paul-François Tremlett.
"The World as a Holy Place". By Dan Overmyer.
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~ Reviews:
"Representing Islam in Southeast Asia." Review of Greg Fealy and Virginia Hooker's Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia by André Möller.
"Ensidig om Alevier i Tyrkia"
(in Norwegian). Review of Tina Hamrin-Dahl's Aleviter i Turkiet by Hege Irene Markussen.
"Enkelspårigt om islam och jihad" (in Swedish). Review of David Cook's Understanding Jihad by André Möller.
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~ Dissertations (full-length):  
"Who are you to tell us our history?" Kultur och religion i hawaiianers möte med amerikansk mission. (In Swedish.) By Kristina Hellner Taylor. The dissertation was publicly defended in December 2007 in Lund, Sweden.
Inside the Guru's Gate: Ritual Uses of Texts among the Sikhs in Varanasi.
By Kristina Myrvold. The dissertation was publicly defended in December 2007 in Lund, Sweden.
Seger åt Tibet! Den tibetanska diasporan och den religiösa nationen.
(In Swedish.) By Åse Piltz. The dissertation was publicly defended in October 2005 in Lund, Sweden.
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~ Dissertations (abstract):  

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